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DCX / Elecsys ST5M1441 Grounding Receptacles

Part Numbers: ST5M1441-004 thru ST5M1441-007

Brandex is an authorized distributor for DCX-Elecsys on the ST5M1441 grounding receptacles. This connector is used in grounding aircraft fuel nozzles. All orders are shipped with manufacturer certifications and full traceability to the factory.

Cross Reference

DCX-Elecsys callout Alternate callout Boeing callout NSN
310081-U00004 310081-PU6304 ST5M1441-004 5935-01-454-4020
310081-U00005 310081-PU6305 ST5M1441-005 5935-01-186-4620
310081-U00006 310081-PU6306 ST5M1441-006 5935-01-048-1654
310081-U00007 310081-PU6307 ST5M1441-007 5935-01-046-3940
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