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26482 pc tail connector

Do you have a project requiring a connector with PCB contacts?

Brandex offers the option of outfitting circular connectors with PC tail contacts for solder mounting on printed circuit boards. Whether it's a mil-spec, commercial, or customized connector we can meet your design needs. We offer the following MS circular connectors populated with PC tail contacts.


  • Available in removable/non-removable contacts
  • Medium sized, widely used
  • Bayonet coupling


  • Available in removable contacts
  • Medium sized, widely used
  • Bayonet or threaded coupling


  • Available in removable contacts
  • Lightweight, compact and high reliability connector
  • Series I - Bayonet coupling, subminiature
  • Series II - Bayonet coupling, low profile
  • Series III - Threaded coupling (Acme "one turn" coupling)

MIL-DTL-5015 Series III

  • Available in removable contacts
  • Medium - heavy duty connector
  • Threaded coupling

Brandex stocks a variety of PCB contact sizes, 'tail' lengths, and the option of a stand-off shoulder for those applications with confined space where the printed circuit board uses the contact as a stop.

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pcb pc tail connector