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Robert Technologies MIL-C-81703 Series I (Crimp)

Part numbers: RTS00 thru RTS09

The RTS Crimp Series (Commercial) exceeds the Mil-C-81703 Series I and RT Solder Series lines in performance. This line will intermate with the corresponding layouts in the Mil-C-81703 Series I line and the RT Solder Series line.

Features and Benefits

  • Push/Pull engagement
  • Large range of insert configurations
  • Inserts have the flexibility to be fitted with thermocouple or coax contacts.
  • Durable design to withstand harsh environments.

  • Part number prefix:

  • RTS00 - Box Mount Receptacle
  • RTS01 - In-Line Receptacle
  • RTS04 - Jam Nut Mount Receptacle
  • RTS07 - Straight Plug
  • RTS08 - Straight Plug, HD Lanyard
  • RTS09 - Rack and Panel

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