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Robert Technologies MIL-C-22992

Part Numbers: MS90555 thru MS90558

This series was designed for heavy-duty, harsh environment applications with large power requirements. Military Class L Connectors are required for all ground power equipment procured by the Department of Defense. The selection of Class ā€œLā€ connectors was primarily based on maximum user safety and equipment protection.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy electrical loads: current range
    from 40 to 200 amperes
  • Direct current or single/three
    phase, 60/400 Hertz alternating current
  • Double stub coupling threads for faster connections; no cross threading, easy cleaning
  • Resistance to the operating environments of heat, moisture, vibration, high impact and immersion

  • Part number prefix:

  • MS90555 - Wall Mount Receptacle (Power Source)
  • MS90556 - Straight Plug
  • MS90557 - Cable Connecting Receptacle without Coupling Ring
  • MS90558 - Wall Mount Plug with Coupling Ring (Equipment End)

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